Advocates' New Website!

Advocates is proud to present our new website! We've updated all of our contacts, on and off campus recourse information, and starting now we'll have a blog to post either original content or share media we think is work talking about! 

Our first blog post features a topic central to Advocates's ideology: the performance model of sex.  Thomas Macaulay Millar's essay “Towards a Performance Model of Sex” first appeared in Jessica Valenti and Jaclyn Friedman's book of essays Yes Means Yes!  which Advocates highly suggest!  The essay states that the current way we think of sex, the commodity model, encourages rape culture and proposes a more productive way of thinking, the performance model of sex. Click the link or watch the video to hear more about this wonderful perspective!

Video commissioned by the SexEd Project for the exhibition "SexEd: Chapter 1" at Cuchifritos gallery Feb. 9-Mar. 10, 2013.