The Heart Center

The HEART Center is available as a secure place for survivors and friends and family of survivors to meet with an Advocate. It is also the location of the Advocates' weekly meetings.

Swing by if you're looking for direct survivor support, conversations regarding consent or how to support a friend, and information on the kinds of resources available for survivors on and off campus. We also have tea, zines, comfy pillows and couches, and a mini library, where you can read about gender and sexuality, gender violence, and intersectional identity!

The center is located on the second floor of Walker Lounge, down the hall from the WU, on Pomona's north campus. 

Heart Center Schedule for Fall 2017

Sunday - Thursday :    6:00-10:00 PM   

                  Friday :    2:00-5:00 PM


Meet the Advocates to learn more about who you'll find in the center before you go.

Check our Facebook page for occasional shift cancellations.